Baby Massage


Baby Massage Classes from the International Association of Infant Massage.image

I trained as a baby massage instructor in 2002 in Ireland, its a fabulous way to improve your babies sleep, digestion and bond through positive touch.  Also a fun way to get to meet other parents at the same stage of the journey as yourself.

Classes are baby led meaning we move at the pace of the babies involved & adapt to the mood on the day.  This is not an “activity” program where your baby needs to perform on demand.  Don’t be concerned that baby may need to sleep, feed, cuddle or cry during class – these are all expected and welcomed – and won’t interfere with your ability to learn baby massage

The emphasis of all classes is on a sensitive and enjoyable interaction between parent and baby helping you gain a deeper understanding of your baby as well as the massage techniques themselves.

Group sizes are limited to 6  baby/parent pairs and a sufficient number of sessions are provided to allow you plenty of time to ask questions & learn all the massage strokes.

Baby and U runs weekday classes for baby’s and their carers. We also offer individual classes in your own home if that suits you better either on your own or with a group of friends.

The ideal time to begin massage is when baby is just a few weeks old but it’s never too late to learn!

The programme runs over 4 weeks and during this time you will learn:

  • History & benefits of infant massage
  • The best time & for how long to massage baby
  • Which oils to use & why
  • How to create an ideal environment for massage
  • Parent relaxation exercises
  • The importance of good positioning
  • Touch relaxation
  • Gentle Movements
  • Colic Routine
  • Massage strokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back
  • Handouts covering all course topics

Contact Sarah for dates and availability of the next course.